Many women are unsatisfied with the size, shape, or contour of their breasts, and there are options available for them. There is a procedure called augmentation mammoplasty, which uses implants to enlarge the breasts. People have this procedure for many reasons, ranging from droopy breasts after pregnancy or weight loss to correcting asymmetry and more.

Why People Choose Augmentation Mammoplasty

There are many reasons that women choose breast augmentation surgery. They may want to improve their confidence and body image because they are uncomfortable with small breasts. Some women have asymmetrical breasts and want to correct them, while others have drooping or sagging breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There are other reasons to get breast augmentation. Some women find that their breasts have changed size or shape after weight loss. They may need reconstructive surgery to deal with breast cancer, or they may want cosmetic improvements after breast reconstruction.

How Does Breast Augmentation Work?

When people choose to have breast augmentation surgery, the breast implants are inserted under the natural breast tissue. They can be placed behind the chest muscles through carefully placed incisions. There are choices in terms of the placement of the incisions, which is based on your anatomy, your desired outcome, and the size and shape of your implants.

One incision type is the inframammary incision, which is also called a crease or fold incision. Another is the periareolar incision, which is through the nipple. You can have a transaxillary incision through your armpit, and the TUBS incision goes through the belly button.

Silicone Choices

There are two choices of implant shapes, including round and teardrop. Round implants are ideal when you want to have fullness to the top of your breast. The teardrop shape is considered anatomical, and it is ideal for people who want a natural look and lack breast tissue.

The round silicone is a memory gel, and it is popular. The appearance is soft, full, and proportionate. This is ideal if you have no droop in your breast and you already have breast tissue. The teardrop shape is ideal for people who need a more full and soft shape. This shape is good for people with little breast tissue or those who need reconstruction surgery.


Once you have your procedure, you will have larger, fuller breasts that look and feel natural. It is important to take it easy after the surgery to give your body time to heal. You can follow the directions of your plastic surgeon after your surgery.