We only get one set of eyes, so you will want to ensure that you take excellent care of them and help preserve your vision. You will want to check your eyes regularly to ensure that everything is okay, and if you are healthy and under 40 years old with no vision problems, every couple of years should suffice. If you have never had a proper eye exam before, you may not know what to expect, which may cause you some anxiety. Below are some things you can expect when getting your eyes checked to help put your mind at ease.

Find A Suitable Opticians

Wherever you are in Malaysia, you will find that there are plenty of places you can get your eyes tested. Put into your preferred search engine “eye clinic near me”, and you will see plenty of options in the results. You can then select which one you want to go to and book an appointment to get your eyes tested and ensure everything is fine with your vision.

Your Medical History

When you get to the clinic to have your eye exam, the optician will ask you questions about your overall health, history of problems in your family, and any issues you are currently having. They will want to know things such as if anyone in your family has diabetes, suffers from glaucoma, or any similar conditions. Once they have your medical history, they will then commence with the eye exam. Some of the things they will test include:

Muscle Movement – The optician will check that you have a full range of motion with the eye muscles and have no problems moving them.

Cover Test – You will cover your eyes one at a time and focus on an image or object at a distance.

Visual Acuity – You will use an eye chart and read the smallest line possible to gauge the level of your visual ability.

Refraction Testing – The optician will flip between two lenses to see which allows you to see the clearest.

Slit Lamp – You use this device to let the optician use light to check the iris, cornea, lens, and back of the eye for problems.

Retinal Examination – Your optician may also dilate your pupils so they can look at the back of the eyes and the optic never.

These are the standard tests the optician will do, but there are further ones they can administer if there are problems with your vision. Having your eyes tested usually takes around 30 minutes, and it is simple and nothing to fear, so ensure you do not worry about it.