Thailand is a popular holiday destination for millions of global travellers each year, and with so many tourists there are also going to be plenty that need medical assistance. Thailand is a beautiful country, but many tourists have accidents every year, so you will want to ensure you have adequate insurance when ging on holiday to the Land of Smiles. If you end up needing medical assistance without insurance, it will change the way you are treated, and where you are sent to get the treatment you need. Below is what you can expect when you either have or do not have insurance and need medical care while in Thailand.

Getting An Ambulance

You will need to know what to do in an emergency while on holiday in Thailand, especially if you are silly enough to travel without insurance. If you need an ambulance in Thailand, you can get one by calling 1669, and in cities, you should get one within ten minutes, while in rural areas, it can take up to 30 minutes. If you have medical insurance, the ambulance will take you to one of the private hospitals where you will get treated. However, if you do not have insurance, they will take you to a public hospital, where you will still get treated, but the costs are much cheaper.

The Difference Between The Hospitals

Whether you go to a private or a public government hospital, you will still get treated for your medical condition, but the comfort levels vary drastically. If you look at some of the top private hospitals in Bangkok and throughout the country, they are more like 5-star resorts than hospitals. They are clean and quiet, with lots of options for food available, and some also have shopping. You can also find some hospitals that have a grand piano in the foyer with a concert pianist playing, making it seem luxurious and regal.

In contrast, a government hospital will be much busier than a private one and less grand. There will be shops where you can purchase necessities, such as toiletries and food, but there are more queues, and it will take longer to get the treatment you need. You will also find fewer English speakers in government hospitals, although the doctors usually speak an acceptable level of English. If you are going to Thailand for a holiday, make sure you protect yourself and ensure you have adequate travel insurance to get the treatment you need if you have a problem with your health or accident.