Bladder care is essential to a healthy lifestyle, although it is often neglected or despised. Incontinence and other urinary difficulties affect many people’s lives. Dietary supplements have replaced bladder control drugs. There are many supplements, making it hard to find ones that work.

That’s why we’re here to provide the top 3 supplements you need to know about—the holy grail of bladder control. These supplements can promote healthy bladder function whether you’ve had urinary problems for a long time or are only now beginning to notice changes. Interested in finding out which supplements made the cut? As we announce the top three supplements, stay tuned.

Use daily doses of pumpkin seed extract to stop leaks

The Holy Grail of Bladder Control may no longer seem so distant if you’re one of the numerous people who have bladder leakage. urologists in New York have recommended pumpkin seed extract as a top dietary supplement. Pumpkin seed extract, you heard that properly. Although it may seem like a simple substance, it can significantly aid to lessen your urges to relieve yourself.

Use magnesium supplements to remain composed when peeing.

Are you sick of having to use the restroom so frequently? Magnesium supplements are a hidden weapon used by urologists in New York to improve bladder control. Magnesium is a necessary element that promotes nerve and muscle relaxation. This indicates that it may be quite successful in lowering the need to urinate and enhancing bladder control. Not to mention that it offers a wide range of additional health advantages, such as improving sleep and lowering inflammation.

Cranberry extract’s ability to help you urinate more forcefully

Are you sick of constantly needing to urinate? You need look no farther than the effectiveness of cranberry extract to improve your ability to urinate. This supplement is highly recommended by urologists in New York as a natural solution to improve bladder health and lessen urgency and frequency. Proanthocyanidins, which are included in cranberry extract, keep germs from adhering to the bladder wall, lowering the risk of urinary tract infections. So stop taking those unnecessary and irritating bathroom visits and start incorporating cranberry extract into your everyday regimen. It’s a minor adjustment that can have a significant impact on your bladder control.


Bladder control issues affect many women. Good news—many vitamins can enhance bladder health and reduce urinary incontinence. Magnesium, saw palmetto, and pumpkin seed extract help bladder function and reduce pain. Before taking supplements, see a doctor. Use these top 3 supplements to improve bladder control and lifestyle.