A toothache may be one of the common health issues. Most of us get rid of this pain just by taking over-the-counter painkillers and getting busy in our lives without thinking about going to a dentist.  In many cases, the reason for the tooth pain is unknown. It is important to contact a dentist in Mooresville, NC, to know the root cause so that the appropriate treatment can be offered. He can perform a thorough examination and offer a suitable solution. If you don’t see him, you will experience the pain again in a few days.

Common reason for tooth pain

There are several reasons for the tooth pain if you experience it more than a few times. Some of these reasons have been discussed below: 


This is the common cause of tooth pain. If you have one or more in your teeth, you must be prepared for the tooth pain even at odd hours. Unless you see a dentist and get it treated, you will experience this pain after a few days. A dentist can clean the damaged teeth and fill them with a suitable material. It will help you eat and chew your food properly.

Broken and loose teeth

If you have a broken tooth or a tooth that is going to fall out at any time, you will have pain in your mouth. Such teeth may become sore because of the tiny ligaments pulling and stretching. You need to get it removed by contacting a dentist. Likewise, if you have a broken tooth, you are likely to experience pain because you need to apply pressure differently while chewing and eating your food. A good dentist can suggest the best dental procedures, such as implants and bridges, depending on the condition of your mouth.

Dental abscess 

Due to the infection in the root of the tooth, fluid may build up in the infected nerve. It will make your mouth and gum swollen. If it is not treated on time, this fluid will increase over a period of time. In most cases, antibiotics and painkillers are given to treat this condition temporarily. The dentist will also clean out the infected nerve to prevent this from happening for the next time.

It is not a good idea to ignore pain in your teeth if it is happening after a few days. A dentist can treat this pain by removing its root cause.