Do you know that more than 19,000 children in Arizona are in foster care? To add to that, there are less than licensed foster families. The numbers are pretty grim for almost every state in the US. If you don’t know much about children in foster care, it’s time to know facts, because we are talking of our future generation, and it must and will concern everyone.

Why do children end up in foster care?

There are varied reasons why a child may be placed in foster care. It could be related to parental neglect, medical neglect, or any form of abuse. Foster care is considered when a family is going through a crisis, and it is apparent that the child will not receive the care, attention, and love he/she deserves. Children in foster care often live with relatives, foster parents, or in group homes, and the duration of their stay depends on many factors. Some kids are just luckier than others.

Children in foster care don’t have the same chance at life. Statistics are really sad in this context, and not many children make it beyond their circumstances. As a responsible citizen and someone with empathy, you should consider helping these kids. There are means and ways to help, just in case foster parenting is not your thing.

Helping children in foster care

Of course, the best idea would be to adopt a child in foster care, or foster a child. However, that’s not a viable choice for a lot of people. However, you can help organizations that are working for the cause. For example, there is a tax incentive for donors in Arizona looking to support foster kids, and individuals can receive up to $500. Another good way to help is by offering respite care for foster parents. Respite care providers help foster parents and relatives in getting the break they deserve for a limited period, typically a few days to a week or so.

Other things to know

Donations always help organizations for foster kids, but if you want to help in kind, you can collect books, personal hygiene stuff, gadgets and other products that children of various age groups need. You can also arrange a local event to increase awareness, and many organizations are also looking for volunteers for different roles, so that’s always an option to consider.

Make a difference to someone’s life – support foster kids!