If you are a female living in Bangkok, you will need to regularly have a woman’s health check-up to maintain your health. From the age of 20, women should have a check-up every four or six years, ensuring that you stay healthy and have no underlying health issues. Below are some ways to find a suitable clinic for you and what to expect when you are there.

A Choice Of Clinics & Hospitals

When you are looking to have a gynaecology check-up, Bangkok has many options available to you with reputable clinics and hospitals throughout the city. If you are not fluent in speaking Thai, you do not have to worry as when you visit an international hospital or clinic most staff members will speak English. You find plenty of places that you can visit searching online, and you can also compare prices and the level of service provided by looking at the online reviews of the facilities in questions.

A Professional & Quality Service

The level of care provided in hospitals in Thailand is excellent, and many of the larger hospitals and clinics boast state-of-the-art facilities. You will also find that getting an appointment is simple, and you can often even walk into a hospital for a check-up without an appointment. You will need to register with the hospital so you will need to provide your contact details and address and give them a copy of your passport.

Getting The Results Fast

If you have something you are worried about, you will not have to wait long for your check-up results. For most tests, you can get the results within an hour or so, and for more intensive tests, you can expect the results within a couple of days. Compared to many hospitals in the west, Thailand hospitals operate quickly and efficiently to ensure their patients’ safety, and in the case that you do require treatment, you will not have to wait long either.

Get Your Treatment Quickly

If your health check-up does find something which needs more investigation or requires treatment, you will be able to receive what you need quickly, without any long waiting lists. Waiting times for treatments and operations in Thailand is not long, and a primary reason for this is that you must pay for the service. If you have medical insurance, this should cover your expenses, but you will have to pay for the services if you do not have this insurance. Whether you have to pay, or your insurance covers you, do not put off a health check-up, and if it is longer than six years since last having one, see one of the many specialists in Bangkok today.