Pediatric dentists are professional experts specializing in maintaining the health of your kid’s teeth. They are responsible for closely checking their teeth and removing all plaque buildup during regular checkups. They also provide personalized solutions for cavities, misaligned teeth, discoloration, and more. If you are a new parent and thinking about some common procedures performed by a pediatric dentist in Markham, Ontario, we have got you covered. This article highlights common procedures pediatric dentists perform. Here we go! 

Common Procedures That Pediatric Dentists Perform 

1. Dental cleanings 

Regular cleaning sessions are crucial to ensure their teeth are in optimum condition. A pediatric dentist conducts regular dental cleaning sessions wherein teeth are thoroughly cleaned and checked internally using specialized tools. These sessions are important as your kid consumes more sugar and has improper oral hygiene. 

2. Cavity treatment 

If your kid loves to eat candies, their sugar intake is higher as compared to an adult. Therefore, the chances of developing cavities exist by allowing bacteria to feed and cause cavities. A pediatric dentist addresses cavities before they damage your teeth severely. 

3. Dental crowns 

If your kid has damaged teeth, fillings are not the only solution. A pediatric dentist may also recommend dental crowns, which treat dental problems like infections and cavities. A dental crown allows your child to speak and chew properly without pain. 

4. Extraction 

A tooth may occasionally be too severely damaged by decay or trauma for a filling or dental crown to heal adequately. Your pediatric dentist will advise a tooth extraction in certain circumstances. Your kid may need an extraction for a variety of reasons. They can have had a sports-related injury or have an extremely infected tooth. Alternately, their mouth could not have adequate space for the targeted tooth. For this reason, wisdom teeth extractions are common. Sometimes, the only method to stop overcrowding is to pull a tooth. 

5. Emergency dental care 

Whether it is from sports or just plain old mischief, many kids will sustain mouth and teeth injuries. Therefore, pediatric dentists perform routine emergency dental care. Take your child to a pediatric dentist in case of oral injuries.

Wrapping Up 

A pediatric dentist is an experienced professional who recommends different dental procedures to take proper care of your kid. From your child’s first dental cleaning sessions to root canal procedures, a pediatric dentist will do it all!